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  • Breakthrough Parents® offers the #1 most respected parenting course in the U.S., the guaranteed court-approved
    Breakthrough Parenting® program

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  • Helping you promote responsible, thinking, loving and confident children using effective discipline without punishment.

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Breakthrough Parenting

Our classes receive praise in large part because of our approach... bringing useful tools, resources and ideas to you - focused on strengthening families. We help you move from stress & struggle to cooperation & peace. Our mission is to connect with you and empower you to get past the problems and better connect with family.

We use:

  • "Keep- it-real" dramatizations, with real world experiences
  • Small class size or one-on-one and distance-learning, interactive sessions
  • Enlightening, uplifting, empowering workshops
  • Caring, expert Facilitator/Educator
  • A safe place to vent and gain perspective, 100% confidential
  • Personal take-home workbook, one you'll keep and use forever
  • Easy registration process, prompt certificate or letter of completion

A Word From the Founder

After twelve years helping families find peace with the Breakthrough Parenting® program, James Schweikert CBPI, father, author, Parent Educator and Coach and 2003 Founder of Breakthrough Parents® thanks you - our many referral sources for sending thousands of parents through our Court/DCFS/CPS/District Attorney's Office- approved Parenting Education, Co-Parenting and Parents at Peace Family Stabilization course. Thousands report lasting, heart-warming changes for the breakthroughs!

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Court Approved Classes

Online Breakthrough Parenting® Classes

A modern, love-based program created by parent educator Dr. Jayne Major, PHD.

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Tools & Resources

Online Breakthrough Parenting® Blog

Stay up to date with helpful information from the Breakthrough Parents® blog.

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One on One Consultation

Breakthrough Parenting® Resources

Understand your child's needs by raising self esteem and learning to communicate effectively.

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