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Meet James Schweikert CBPI

Welcome. Very glad you could visit. I'm James, the 2003 Founder of Breakthrough Parents LLC®, a Certified Instructor of Breakthrough Parenting®, a Mediator and sole legal custodial father of two.

As your personal Instructor, Coach and Consultant, I enjoy inspiring parents to use creative tools in connecting or reuniting with their children.

My style to keep it real, relevant and interesting.  I am passionate about strengthening families, and have decades of experiences with divorce, communications skills training, parental alienation, (badmouthing, brainwashing), family safety education, parenting/co-parenting education, high-stakes negotiations, domestic violence, stress-reduction, life-skills and preparations for court.

We will refresh in parents that power of choice we all possess, to fully use our unique gifts for benefit of family. Our outlook is this:  What is more important than family, health, love, creating lasting memories while preparing our children for their lives filled with endless possibilities? I refuse to sit still and watch lives wasted, harmed or destroyed by victim-thinking, nihilism, apathy, abuse, neglect and negativism.

Through these classes or sessions, we will all become better stewards of our children; we'll self-actualize together and our children will immeasurably benefit from the efforts.  Letter or Certificate of completion provided. Call me today at 310-375-0440!

A Little History

Following our separation, my children’s mother and I agreed on very little, except our love for the kids. Our's was a contentious break-up at best. Within our family, there were deliberate efforts to alienate the affections of my children from me. In other words, I became the targeted parent in efforts to denigrate me as a parent and a human being.

As a devoted Dad from a loving family and a professional man, I'd always regarded myself as able to take on life’s challenges. With a "lemons-to-lemonade" outlook, I tried to turn adversity into advantages, but in this case- I felt unprepared, uneducated and unable to navigate uncharted divorce-court waters. I educated myself on parental alienation, general parenting practices and techniques, on family law, custody evaluations, evaluations and evaluators, divorce court, domestic violence issues, communications skills and in time, successes came. I now have full legal and physical custody of the children, or better said- THEY have custody of ME.

I decided to pay forward the lessons learned. A word on PA (Parental Alienation) and PAS (Parental Alienation Syndrome): Parent alienation is brainwashing and horrific in it's impact on families. It can be a daunting challenge to detect, to effectively address, and to reverse the impact. 

Whether its divorce court, custody battles (or as it's termed in states like Arizona- "Legal Decision-making- Authority"), alienation activity, domestic violence or behavioral issues in parenting, we'd all agree that our children are worth all our best efforts.  

Much of the battles waged are unnecessary and preventable.  At Breakthrough Parents, we're driven to help prevent as much harm as possible. We assist parents by guiding and coaching them, helping access resources, helping parents educate themselves and to gain tools that safeguard children from harm.

In the throws of conflict and struggles, how would your family experiences improve with civil communications, creative, cooperative co-parenting? Do you have a blueprint for success? A plan? If the answer is no, we can help.

James developed and shares the personal strategies learned from his family’s setbacks and triumphs alike, along with that of thousands of others. His philosophy about parental alienation is summarized this way:

If we pride ourselves our children’s keepers and accept the notion there is even one seed of good in all people, then it is that seed we must nurture in the presence of our young. A crop watered with hateful rain is tarnished and barren; one showered with love yields a fertile harvest from which all the world may feast.