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How to REDO your priorities. Cell phones don't own YOU.



Good people are walking the earth like zombies, hunched over their umbilical phones! Is this the new reality? Yes, for now. But imagine if you will, a reset or REDO of the habit pathways we're on.  We create our own reality.

Blazing fast speed: Our own reset can happen in the blink of an eye. Like turning a steering wheel, we can change course in an instant, at the speed of choice. Supposing tomorrow our non-productive screen time were to occupy say, 80% LESS of our days. The resulting productivity leap could be staggering! On the flip side, imagine the opportunity cost to yourself and society for our current screen-brain-drain? An idea:

Let REDO stand for:

R: Restore balance. An off-balance iceberg rights itself, while people need a catalyst.

E: Engage in healthier activities and actions.

D: Decide the most important things needing to be done today.

O: Objet d'art- Make your life a work of art !!

We're hearing so often these days- "Man, what's going on with the world? It seems like its going crazy." Why is that? Are we becoming acclimated to harshness, or drawn to the dark side? Regardless of why, it is happening. So how do we change it? Possibly the same way we’re told to eat an elephant, a bite at a time. Its one choice, one family at a time, one sit-down dinner with no phones, one untethered gathering of friends.

I visualize parents, teachers, leaders of all types inspiring the same REDO (or habit pathway redirect) in those that we already influence, especially our children, young and old.

So what new habit pathway can we create? If you like the idea of regaining some measure of our interpersonal connectivity, please share a "like" and a comment below if you'll be so kind, giving a possible alternative to CPFGS: cell phone fixed gaze syndrome, that springs to your mind; just one healthy, daily action or choice we can make today that has us setting aside the phone and bettering ourselves instead.

No doubt we have the power to REDO, to re-train ourselves, but is a blog mention merely because a thought leader or one parent does so, will Generations X, Y & Z suddenly disengage, not from their connectivity and fun, but from contaminated, polarizing exposures and adverse stimuli that desensitize us to violence? C'mon all you social scientists...what compels a person to restore a healthier balance of screen time vs real time? Remember the starfish story. Your singular effort, either in commenting here or having your own REDO day can not only make a very real difference, but can in truth be life or death to one person, which can in turn touch thousands more.

Today, I'm replacing unhealthy slabs of screen time with a measure of mindful re-engagement, involvement in pursuits that I consider productive and beneficial. Two more chapters of Lunch With Buddha, taking the dog to the park, writing and mailing a hand-written letter using the new Love Dove, a beautiful 4" scroll-carrying translucent dove, an elegant note-holder that allows people to share their feelings in a creative way. I'm having a meditative moment, scheduling a meeting long delayed, and while writing this, I did not pick up my so called smart phone once.

If it’s in our human nature to move toward pleasure and away from pain, then in all seriousness, please share below one positive, pleasant element we could substitute for screen-time. Thank you for reading, for sharing, for REDOing the way we do life.