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Jim Schweikert CPBI

Founder of Breakthrough Parents

Jim Schweikert CPBI

Welcome to our just-improved website. The Breakthrough Parenting® program has been offered continuously since 1983. It is based on Dr. Jayne Major’s many years of Ph.D. research in the field of parenting at UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles) and next 28 years of training a wide variety of parent populations.

For approximately 30 years this has been a court-referred program, with strong appreciation from family court judges, the children's court, the DA and others who have seen results from this skill-building program exceeding that of other programs. Successful completion of the Breakthrough Parenting® course is achieved after ten classes are attended and upon completion of the comprehensive 75-page workbook covering all areas of the 294-page textbook. The Breakthrough Parenting program has received numerous awards and commendations from the Los Angeles City Attorney, a Los Angeles County Supervisor and two Los Angeles Mayors.

Among our goals, as a minimum, are to help an under-served population of Moms and Dads with powerful parenting classes. I'm raising two adorable children largely alone since their mother de facto abandoned the marriage and the kids. I am so grateful and proud to be the owner and Sr. Instructor of Breakthrough Parents™. Can't wait to hear from you.