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Thank you very much for your guidance and for bringing the Breakthrough Parenting book to life through your classes. I am recommending these parenting classes to all of my friends whether or not they think they need them.

I know how much I have gained by going through this course. It has helped me to stay on track and to use the lessons that I've learned with my children and wife. My wife now has more confidence in me, and my kids see the confidence that I have in myself when parenting them.

I'm now able to discipline the way I've always intended - as a teaching tool instead of a punishing tool. I learned so many valuable lessons from this course, and the most important one is that the improvement in my relationship with my kids needs to begin with an improvement in myself.

The book and classes provide the means to do so and the compass to keep me on track. I continually refer back to the book to learn from it. Thank you, Jim! And thank you, Breakthrough Parents™ !


I wanted to thank you for all the 1:1 parenting classes you've been doing with Ken. I know your classes have made a dramatic difference. Now whenever Ken gets home, Dana runs and greets him with glee, with excitement, and it never use to be like this. Her behavior has changed so much toward him and I can hardly believe how wonderful it's been. I feel like I can breath and take breaks and Ken is there now to help out and be the kind of father I had always hoped he'd be. I've even been able to learn from what you've been teaching Ken and look to him for parenting insights. Thanks and keep up all the wonderful work!