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I began taking a 10- part parenting course in October of 2007 called BREAKTHROUGH PARENTING. James Schweikert, the owner of Breakthrough Parents was my instructor. As a newly single parent of an adorable 11- month old baby girl and in the middle of a very contentious custody struggle, I poked my head into Mr. Schweikert's class and my life as a parent and a parenting partner has never be the same. Mr. Schweikert's experience and never-ending willingness to listen and coach/teach over the last 6 years has helped me realize "BREAKTHROUGHS" in areas of my life- both as a parent and a person.

Today, my daughter prepares to enter the second grade and although her parents maintain seperate households, she has the benefit of being loved by two parents who are constantly putting our petty differences aside to let our daughter not only know, but SEE and feel her parents working in tandom to meet her needs and prepare her for all that her life has to offer. Mr. Schweikert's class and writings are a must- see and do for anyone who is serious about finding the BREAKTHROUGHs in their own life as parents who are truly interested in a loving environment, even if that environment takes place at seperate street addresses.

James LaPointe

First, I want to say that your instruction of the Breakthrough Parenting® program is tremendous and I greatly appreciate it. As a parent for a second time, my situation makes this essential. This is especially true as I tackle problems that result from the immaturity of " my child's mother" and her gambling addiction. These are the reasons I am asking the court to recognize me as the better parent/steward for our daughter's needs right now.

Working as a programmer analyst for most of my career (over 20 years) has shaped my mindset to ask ... important questions such "what is/are the business rules" of the project I am undertaking/designing and therefore helps me put together the best series of instructions in a program using the latest toolset.

I especially need to apply this approach in my custody case. As you graciously pointed out to me in last Sunday's class when you played the role of the judge asking those important questions to me; "So you want full 100% custody... It's really about percentages and money and control, correct?" or "Where is your parenting plan?" and so forth.

That really opened up my eyes.

Paul A

Mr. Schweikert's instruction of the Breakthrough Parenting® course has had an immense impact on my relationship with my 4- year old daughter. Though I had been fully involved in all the stages of her development since birth, through this program, I added a large amount of tools and techniques that have sharpened my vision. This taught me how to deal with day-to-day problems of behavior and attitudes as she is progressing from one childhood stage to another. I now see myself as the steward for my daughter, guiding her to eventually lead a self-actualized life.


I want to let you know that before I started this parenting class, my former husband and I were fighting like cats and dogs. Coming to your class helped me to calm and be able to communicate with my former husband. I believe he also has noticed that nothing he says will make me mad or strike back at him.

Now I am very happy he started your class and he also learned quickly how to apologize when he is wrong or being rude to me. We got divorced with good terms and hopefully we will continue to go to your classes because this will mean alot to me and also for my kids. I thank you so much for teaching a great class and I look forward to continue attending in the parenting class.

Thank you so much Jim! Keep up the outstanding work you do.

A. M. M.

All I can say is YOU ROCK!!! Thank you for all your time and energy. I have and will continue to recommend your course to ALL parents. My relationship with my daughter Lexi (and everyone) is improving daily thanks to you. This has been a life-changing experience for me and I will continue on this path of life with a greater understanding of successful parenting skills (and life skills) have provided me the foundation.  I now have a sense of peace that I did not have before with my daughter. I know her future will be more complete and rewarding due to your efforts, so thank you! It's people like you that DO make a positive difference in this world, making everyone's life more fulfilling. You are a saint.

Greg Long