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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the classes?

As close as your computer - online with private workshops via phone -with or without skype.

Are these classes approved by the courts?

Yes. 100% guaranteed. After 30 years and over 29,000 parents in the course, Breakthrough Parenting® is the best known parenting education program in the West.

How much are the class fees?

We're not the lowest but we're the best at what we do. Call us...class fees offered on a sliding scale. No-one should be unable to benefit from this program due to costs. Call or write for details.

Do you except insurance?

As a private offering without government funding, we ask only a direct and fair fee- for- service. We do not bill any insurance carriers.

Do you offer anger management or domestic violence classes?

Now don't get angry, but not at this time. In the interim, feel free to call for referrals.

Do you offer programs for teens & their parents?

Yes we do. For years we have received referrals from the district attorney's office. We provide one- on- one sessions addressing first time, non-violent teen offenses and for their parents-we satisfy the parent education mandate required by the Los Angeles District Attorneys office.