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Breakthrough Parenting Classes

Parenting Classes are available by "distance learning" with the privacy of using your telephone.

This is a ten week course, however you are welcome to enjoy as few or as many as desired.

Location: Everywhere you are! We offer our services via DISTANCE LEARNING so you're as close as your phone. And you can have your sessions from your home with or without skype™. What is skype?

Skypeis a free online program that lets you communicate by text, voice and video with people everywhere.
All you need is a Skypeaccount and a webcam on your computer! To find out more, visit their website.

Our fees are fair, with your guest or spouse at a very reduced rate. Start strengthening your family, enroll today.

Please contact us at (310) 375-0440 to answer any questions. Expect a same-day response (unless writing us in evening of course, expect next day reply).

Here is a short FAQ:

  • Can I receive a letter or certificate? Yes, FREE LETTER OF COMPLETION and/or PROOF OF ENROLLMENT.
  • What materials do I need? Course Materials include the 294-page text: Breakthrough Parenting: Moving Your Family From Struggle To Cooperation, and participants complete the inspiring, companion 75-page workbook. After any ten classes and the preceeding requirements are met, Letters of Completion are provided free.
  • What exactly is this you're offering? This is a modern, love-based, "catch-them-being-good" program including coursework  created by acclaimed author, parent educator and dear friend - the late Dr. Jayne Major, PhD and taught by her personally Certified Parenting Instructor- James Schweikert CBPI.
  • We also offer one-on-one individualized coaching and support. This is the only parent education program endorsed and featured on Dr. Jayne Major's own website in the 7 years before she lost her battle with cancer. We've proudly remained true to her teachings since 2003. These are offered thtree ways:
  • 1) classes only, or
  • 2) classes and coaching, or
  • 3) classes, coaching and consultations. Three levels of help at three fair levels of fee . All are a fraction of what attorneys charge.

Our offerings include:

Plan #1)

The ten-week Breakthrough Parenting® or co-parenting course. Take each class at the normal pace of one class per week or.. accelerate and slow them to fit your timetable.

If, for example, you're behind schedule with court requirements, needing say...3 sessions in only a week, we can help. We'll simply schedule them when you're not working. This coursework saved my own family! Our time-tested parenting plan template can help you enormously.  - "A failure to plan is to plan for failure."

Classes feature dramatizations, role play and many resources to help your family. 

Classes are to be pre-paid, thank you. Call with any questions. T: (310) 375-0440

Enroll now for workshops with the Breakthrough Parents LLC Founder- James A. Schweikert, CBPI. Space is limited.

Start today. Create a plan. Reserve your place by pre-paying here or by calling the # above or by writing us.

Plan #2) 

The Breakthrough Parenting Course, classes #1 through 10, half price on your parenting plan,  plus parenting plan assistance and coaching! Have someone in your corner!

Ex: $125 each session + (parenting plan- a one-time: $20 + materials ($59) = $204 which covers your first session, all materials, parenting plan, postage & handling and letter or certificate of completion.

We critique your plan, with guidance, not legal advice, as needed, providing extra tools, ideas and resources to help bring you victory. Additional focus on your key areas. It's about the children and about YOU!

Examples: Parent alienation, badmouthing, fights, teens run amok, toddler tantrum tactics, advanced communication skills, how to connect with a very difficult other parent, how others have regained or won custody, the top 3 mistakes to avoid at the hearing and a lot more. Add it up for a session or three and simply...

We highly recommend investing a few short hours with us in the creation of your plan. No legal advice is rendered, we're here to educate, coach and help you, so please understand that the purchase of these valuable services constitutes acknowledgement of these facts.

Considering what is at stake, parents in conflict should be running to create a plan says Dr. Major. We agree.

Plan# 3)

Classes, Coaching & Consultation: The full award-winning 10-week Breakthrough Parenting® course with high-conflict consulting- $175 per week (at a pace of one session/week or speed it up). We address and prepare you for mediation, custody evaluation, contentious, high-conflict litigated matters. This includes our parenting plan template for free, assistance creating that parenting plan, special-topic focus such as “Preventing or Defeating Parental Alienation”, strategy, tactics, extra focus on powerful effective communications, plus extra tools in preparing for transitions, resources to help  deal with the stressful aspects of high conflict divorce or separation.


Contact us at (310) 375-0440 to answer any questions.

Start today. Give the judge what they hope for- and the children what they deserve- parents who cared enough to create a plan. Reserve your place by prepaying a your initial sessions and course materials.

Move your family from struggle and conflict... to peace and cooperation.

Although there are fees applied to our programs, no one should ever be unable to benefit from our service because of inability to pay.  We receive no Government subsidies, so clients are asked to make a co-payment that is determined based on her/his income level. If asking for this, a proof of income such as W-4 form or a bank statement must be presented at the initial appointment. Let us help you.

Give the gift of parenting skills and resources ! 

1) Classes at $75 each for the full acclaimed Breakthrough Parenting course

2) Classes & Coaching @ $125 per session      

3) Classes, Coaching & Full Consultation @ $175 per session.

4) Materials: The one-of-a-kind text and matching workbook, postage & handling included: one-time $59